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Auckland Water Blasting and Exterior Building Wash Services

Mr House Wash & Paint provides an exceptional service. We have used Mr Housewash & Paint for both commercial and residential work. The attention to detail and finished product was brilliant, and we would recommend contacting Malo for your home or business needs. 

Daniel & Jo Papakura, Auckland


Why use Mr HouseWash and Paint?

We have the best quality House Wash and Paint service. We strive to give you an affordable price. We offer a FREE assessment and no obligation quote for your residential or commercial needs.

What ever your interior and exterior requirements we have professional standards and experience to ensure you end up with your desired results.

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Need a no obligation free quote?

We offer a FREE assessment and no obligation quote for your residential or commercial exterior building or house cleaning or painting needs call today on 0211902330.

We will organise the assessment and get it to you in a short time frame.

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How we can help

Wow! I was visiting an Auckland business who’s building had recently had the exterior cleaned by Malo from Mr House Wash & Paint and it looked like it had had a fresh coat of paint. The difference was a night and day. I hadn’t realised how much road dust and grim had built up on the building. 

If you want a professionally cleaned house, you should choose someone who knows what they are doing.  Not too many people have 12 years experience under their belts like we do.  Call us today on 0211902330 to utilise the best skills.

Mr House Wash and Paint is your best choice for a quality, long lasting job. We have the tools and knowledge to do the job right first time, whether it’s big or small, residential or commercial, your home or a rental.

Here at Mr House Wash and Paint we have a record for exceeding all professional standards for house washing in Auckland, and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results every time. Auckland homes are exposed to many different forms of dirt and contaminants; our team of experts are all New Zealand born, raised and trained, and know exactly how to do the job correctly and safely.

We can work on an on call basis, or set up a regular contract to keep your home looking tip top all year round. From the first moment you contact us, until we leave your property looking fresh and clean, we will adhere to all regulations and our strict quality guidelines to make sure your property, loved ones and our crew are kept safe at all times.

Our ambition is to provide a superior house washing service, and we want to share our skills with you. Trust us with your property and we guarantee we won’t disappoint you.

Think of what happens when your property gets dirty. The exterior surfaces not only look sad and run down; they begin to deteriorate, and if it goes on long enough it can eventually lead to internal damage too. Just as you wash your car and clothes to keep them in looking nice and in good condition, you should wash your building as well.

Remember that potential clients get a good impression from a clean tidy looking building. While this may not matter as much with your home, it may make a big difference for your business. Keep your building visually appealing with building wash services and you will probably boost your profitability.

When you decide to hire a building wash service though, make sure you hire true professionals, as doing the job wrong may cause just as much if not even more damage. To ensure a quality job, keep your property looking pristine, and reduce potential deterioration, contact Mr HouseWash and Paint.  We have the tools and expertise in providing a top quality job.  Whether it’s a one-off call or a regular contract, we will be there when you want us and get it done right.

If you need Auckland water blasting, you need Mr HouseWash and Paint. We will provide a professional, top quality building wash service and save you money in the long run. Our crew have the tools and knowledge to do the job right, first time.

Painting a building takes a lot of time and money, so why let that expensive paint deteriorate and need re-doing sooner than it might? Regular cleaning will keep your property looking fresh and new, for a fraction of the cost of re-painting.  Make sure to call a professional company though, or you may end up with even more damage to your exterior rather than less.

It’s also a simple fact that a dirty building gives a poor impression, and it doesn’t even have to be noticeably grubby to make your clients feel that you may not be the best business for them.  For water blasting in Auckland, give us a ring and we’ll keep your building looking clean and cared for, and you’ll encourage people to step through your doors. Remember to take Before and After photos; you’ll be amazed at the difference