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Malo Toleafoa

Malo Toleafoa


Malo Toleafoa the Director of Mr Housewash and Paint founded the business 3 years ago. After having 12 years hands on experience in both housewashing and painting Malo decided to start his own business.

Jumping straight into the work force Malo got a job as a Painter in Rotorua. Malo was a junior painter for a number of years and then he was boosted to position as a tradesman. He worked three different companies over a 12 year period. He worked for two painting companies Cantec and GMR Holmac and he also worked for NFM waterblasting Limited a waterblasting and housewash company.

He is so good at what he does his employers from his old jobs are are often asking him to return to his old job and there is always a space for him there if he chose to go back.

During this 12 years he learnt how to master the art of painting walls, spouting, houses, fences, garages, rooms, commercial buildings, roofs. And basically anything that can be painted. He also was taught to waterblast.

He also learnt to master the art of waterblasting homes, roofs, garages in preparation of painting. He also learnt to waterblast homes, businesses, balcony’s, fences and everything else that’s needs cleaning or waterblasting to a professional house wash standard. He was taught old school methods where a proper job is completed and no shortcuts are made. A rare find in this day in age.

During the 12 years working in other peoples business it would frustrate Malo when workers would take shortcuts or make mistakes they did not fix at work. Mr Toleafoa worked with professional perfection everyday. He will do things the job properly the first time around. He does not take shortcuts and ensures you have the best work you can get.

Finding someone to take care of your home or property in this way is not that easy these days.  Malo is a rare gem in this trade.  Call him today on 0211902330.

His main goal is professional standards of painting and housewash to all our clients.

He has been told by his clients that he is the, “the best tradesman”, they have met. He has happy clients that will not have anyone else around to do paint work or waterblasting other than Mr Housewash and paint. This has set the standard for our work at Mr Houswash and Paint. We ensure that each staff member we hire will work with our same work ethic.

Malo is married to his wife Paula Toleafoa.  He has 2 children, two step children and 1 grand daughter. He is a family man and loves to spend time with family when he is not working.

Paula Toleafoa

Paula Toleafoa

Office Manager

Paula is Malo’s partner. She has a background in Business. Her business background extends over a 10 year period. She has owned a couple of franchises in the past and has also run a boutique property management business so she operates the office side of things.

Paula says, “I stand behind Malo’s work, I am so proud of his standards and his workmanship, to me he’s the best and I think Auckland will find this out.”


Where to from here for Mr Housewash and Paint?
What are our 6 month, 12 month and 5 year goals?

1. 6 Month Goal
Our goal is to help more home owners and Investors to get a great service and enjoy the work so much that they assist in promoting our service to others.

2. 12 Month Goal
We are currently looking for new contracts we can do bulk work for those industries that require this type of contract in waterblasting, housewash and paint. Please email us for further enquiries. We would like to add 3 further contracts to our business portfolio.  We would also like to hire 2 staff and fully train them.

3. 5 year goal
Our biggest goal that is to be the best waterblasting, housewash and paint business in Auckland.

We are so motivated to bring a professional standard of work with a good service. We take pride in our work and we love making our clients happy. Mr housewash and Paint. Professional work at affordable prices.  Call Malo today for your free assessment 0211902330.